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re: App: NizWarrEU

The application submitted by NizWarrEU is as follows:

Character Name: :

Please provide an armory link for your character::

What spec are you applying to raid as?:
Fury/arms - always playing the best spec.

How do you keep up to date with your current class to ensure optimum performance?:
I do daily FULL clears of all ap world quests+ everything on nazjatar and mechagon

What is your previous raiding experience?:
I've played since vanilla. Raided more or less every tier throughout that period, except BFA where I got a late start due to irl taking priority.

Are you available to raid on a Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 till 23:30? (ST):

Any logs to support your application?:

Do you have Discord and Headset/mic?:

What is your guild history?:
I haven't raided since legion. My last "serious" tier was Nighthold where I raided in the best 2-day guild in the world. I have only been in tradechat guilds since, only for the hearthstone reduction.

Tell us a bit about yourself? (Name, age etc):
My name is Vetle, I am from Norway. Pretty easygoing individual. I work in the fire department. Not really sure what else to say ^^. I only "started" 2 weeks ago so my gear is only 400ilvl, but you must know I am grinding hard to catch up to speed, and I know after heroic week I will be a valuable asset to the team.

Do you know anyone in the guild already?:
I know Saggi and Kanga, although they do not know I am back to the game and applying... yet :D

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
In regards to logs, the once I linked are the ones that's most current. I've played more or less since, however I wasn't raiding, ONLY doing m+ on my shaman. I also have a world #2 (West#1) all star from ToS. Other than that I obviously have quite a decent amount of rank 1s and top 10 all star placings. I hope that is enough to convince you that I can play, despite a somehow "behind" character.

Please leave your battle tag here for easy contact.:

Thank you for your application, We will be in touch soon Happy

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