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re: App: Laotl

The application submitted by Laotl is as follows:

Character Name: :

Please provide an armory link for your character::

What spec are you applying to raid as?:

How do you keep up to date with your current class to ensure optimum performance?:
I'm an active member of the Dreamgrove, the Druid Discord, I keep up to date with PTR changes, and I use QuestionablyEpic as my primary Resto resource - this includes things like reading guides and articles as well as using their tools to determine best gear and essences for the relevant situation.

What is your previous raiding experience?:
I started raiding on my Priest in Antorus at the heroic level, reached 8/8 heroic before starting properly in BfA.

7/8 Mythic Uldir on the Priest (Laotl-Draenor, Discipline)
9/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor on the Druid (Cutting Edge)
Currently 5/8 Mythic Eternal Palace, however my 5th boss killed was Queen's Court, I do not currently have an Ashvane kill due to the guild's healing roster causing me to be benched.

Are you available to raid on a Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 till 23:30? (ST):

Any logs to support your application?:

Do you have Discord and Headset/mic?:

What is your guild history?:
I raided in Uldir with Debatable on Tarren Mill and stayed with them until late BfDA when the guild disbanded after a lot of members left following our kill on Mekkatorque. After that I joined Mana Curve on Kazzak and finished the tier before a forced absence. I am currently raiding with "Balanced" on Draenor but I want to make a change to Alliance.

Tell us a bit about yourself? (Name, age etc):
My name's Sam, I'm 30 and from the UK. I started playing WoW in late Wrath but only casually / pvp focused. I got into PvE at the end of Legion and started playing more seriously in BfA.

I am a huge fan of pushing mythic plus keys, with a personal rating of 2489 score in season 2.

Do you know anyone in the guild already?:

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
I also have a Disc Priest at 65 neck and level 2 essences, 435 ilvl ish. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Please leave your battle tag here for easy contact.:

Thank you for your application, We will be in touch soon Happy

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