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re: App: Laisea

The application submitted by Laisea is as follows:

Character Name: :

Please provide an armory link for your character::

What spec are you applying to raid as?:

How do you keep up to date with your current class to ensure optimum performance?:
Bloodmallet for essence/trinket dps calculations, Raibot sims for optimum gear/stat sims, patch notes to see any buffs to specific talents/spells whether they change the main rotation. Logs to review any of the mistakes i've made throughout an encounter and see where i could improve and where possible talk to more experienced players to see how they handle situations i might have problems.

What is your previous raiding experience?:
I joined retail wow at the end of pandaria (played on private servers since the beginning of TBC) I really started raiding in WoD and got my first curve in hellfire citadel. I started taking raiding a bit more seriously in legion and after a small break i set up my own guild during antorus called morning coffee. At the start of BfA I decided with my team we should shoot for some mythic progression. Due to some unfortunate events my newly appointed raid leader left mid tier so i had to take the role of GM, Raid lead and generall officer on me which was super draining. We did manage to get cutting edge on G'huun and had 4/9 progress on BoD withing 3 weeks of mythic release on a 2 day raiding guild. But the stress of maintaining university, the guild, coming up with tactics was to intensive and i took a break from WoW. Now i recently returned (about 2 weeks ago) and joined a heroic only guild but soon realised i can't go back to just heroic raiding because it's simply to easy. I liked the challenge of mythic raiding and would love to continue to work together with a team to accomplish something (nerd screams at difficult bosses when they finally die). I also missed some of my old players and some of them found refuge in this guild. As such, here i am applying for this guild.

Are you available to raid on a Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 till 23:30? (ST):

Any logs to support your application?:

Do you have Discord and Headset/mic?:
Yes ofcourse

What is your guild history?:
First guild i ever really had was one that i made (morning coffee) currently i'm in a heroic guild only called "Call of the Void" but it's not challenging enough.

Tell us a bit about yourself? (Name, age etc):
I'm 23 years old, male, played videogames pretty much my entire life since my dad enjoys them too. I'm someone who loves to fuck around when there is time for it, have a good laugh but can be dead serious when we need to reach an objective (you gotta be as a succesfull raid leader). I don't mind taking criticism or being benched since i fully understand that my personal goals are not of more importance than that of the guilds goal. I love hanging out with guildies outside of raiding and wow and i'm looking for a community that i can call home as i could with my old one. I'm not at all someone who is looking for trouble and know that if there is something that bugs me I will either contact a staff member or talk to the person in question. All this information is so basic and mandatory that it doesn't really matter anyway since most people will say this shit. As such some weird shit: I'm fascinated by almost anything, especially the universe and it's weird rules. I got 2 dogs that i love to pieces and i grow my own mushrooms to get some really crazy experiences in live. If you want to know more you'll have to figure that out for yourself :D.

Do you know anyone in the guild already?:

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
Not unless you have some other questions for me

Please leave your battle tag here for easy contact.:

Thank you for your application, We will be in touch soon Happy

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