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re: App: Pilula

The application submitted by Pilula is as follows:

Character Name: :

Please provide an armory link for your character::

What spec are you applying to raid as?:
Havoc Demon Hunter

How do you keep up to date with your current class to ensure optimum performance?:
There are several websites and discord channels I visit and keep informed:
- (analyze logs / fights from other DH players)
- Fel Hammer DH discord channel

What is your previous raiding experience?:
I've played and raided since the beginning of WoW, had some time offs because of some IRL issues, but in every expansion I raided on regular basis and on the highest difficulty.

- Warrior tank - hardcore (5 days raiding) - 80% of expansion (up to Naxx raiding)
- Warlock - hardcore pvp (7 days) - 20%
- Druid - healing softcore (3 days raiding)
- Warrior tank - casual (1-2 days raiding)
- Warlock - pvp (2-3 days)
- Druid healing softcore (3days)
- DK dps - alt
- Pala prot - alt
- Warlock
- Warlock - softcore (2-3 days)
Mist - played a little here, didn't like the expansion
- Druid feral / boomkin (too many melee issue)
- Rogue - softcore (2-3 days) - mythic raiding
- Shaman - resto / elemental - softcore (3 days) - mythic raiding
- Hunter - BM
- DH
- Rogue
- DH - mythic raiding

Are you available to raid on a Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 till 23:30? (ST):

Any logs to support your application?:

Do you have Discord and Headset/mic?:

What is your guild history?:
- Wicked alliance Skullcrusher
- PowerOverwhelming horde Skullcrusher
- PowerOverwhelming horde Skullcrusher
- Wicked alliance Skullcrusher
Mist - played a little here, didn't like the expansion
- Wicked alliance Skullcrusher
- Exception horde Bloodfeather
- Exception horde Bloodfeather
- Go Defensive alliance Silvermoon

All the guilds I played in ended in stopping raiding, maybe I'm cursed :)

Tell us a bit about yourself? (Name, age etc):
My name is Mihai, i'm from Romania but living in Germany, 38 years old. As for profession I'm Team Lead Software Developer on a Ecomm platform. I like traveling and enjoying life to it's fullest. I never say no to a good stake or a smooth single malt ;)

Do you know anyone in the guild already?:

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
I was also doing Raid Leading and managing the guild when i was playing in TBC and WotlK

Please leave your battle tag here for easy contact.:

Thank you for your application, We will be in touch soon Happy

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