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re: App: Boozay91

The application submitted by Boozay91 is as follows:

Character Name: :

Please provide an armory link for your character::

What spec are you applying to raid as?:
Retri MS ( Can play all 3)

How do you keep up to date with your current class to ensure optimum performance?:
Mostly through logs and discord / communicating with more experienced players

What is your previous raiding experience?:
I've basically just been an avg pleb for a long long time, often being 1-2 bosses off CE or less raiding 1-2 a week. Played for almost 15 years though.

Are you available to raid on a Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 till 23:30? (ST):

Any logs to support your application?:
Not really raided 1-2 weeks on my paladin (Rerolling)

Do you have Discord and Headset/mic?:
Yes x3

What is your guild history?:
The current guild I'm in is a really casual Danish only guild, before that, I was in Dark Portal Monkeys but they disbanded. Besides that I've been in plenty of different guilds on the horde side.

Tell us a bit about yourself? (Name, age etc):
My name is Michael I'm 28, I mostly only play wow and it's been like that for the past 15 years got a crazy stupid amount of hours played in wow.

I've always been an avg pleb raider as in never getting any CE's however I would love to take it to the next level, I'm an extremely dedicated player and will always be prepared and on time and up to date with everything class related / raid mechanics.

Do you know anyone in the guild already?:
I do not

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
Would love the get a chance to prove my worth.

Please leave your battle tag here for easy contact.:

Thank you for your application, We will be in touch soon Happy

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